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Summary0008126: [Request] A key combination to enable/disable full screen minimize setting

There's no existing priority range for this as this is really minor (if it even deserves to have a valid priority) but would be really useful for the players who use two or more (specially two) monitors to develop their servers, as sometimes you do need two monitors and other times you don't.

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Guessing that full screen minimize setting was made for players who use two or more monitors lol

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2014-03-29 22:47

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With sometimes you don't I mean that sometimes you really need the game to be maximized together with another program. Windowed would be the way so that's exactly this would be really minor (anyway the windowed mode has been always weird lol).


2014-03-30 08:46

viewer   ~~0020500

I don't think you can even have the game on two monitors (unless hooked together). Only a rare selection of games have the ability to render like that.


2014-03-30 17:46

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You misunderstood. It is not certainly using two monitors to render the game, it's using one for developing reasons and another one for render stuff, giving a little example. Full screen minimize allows GTA to get minimized, so disabling this option lets the player for example, working on Autodesk 3Ds Max while rendering the game in another monitor.

And by the way: rendering games in two monitors is quite possible nowdays. There are multiple tools that allows you render almost any game you wish. And in MTA, that isn't even required. The other day, I was experimenting with NVIDIA tools, so I enabled the MTA windowed option and simulated a panoramic resolution for MTA and worked pretty well (the radar looked really big and camera FOV needed to be changed a little though)


2014-03-31 19:16

viewer   ~~0020519

Indeed it is possible, but rarely games have that as a native feature. Only some games has this, and I recall Battlefield 4 has that, not sure.

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