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0008125Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-04-07 12:36
ReporterarranTuna Assigned Tosbx320  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0008125: Settings are overlapped in "Video" tab

In the newest 1.4 build it appears that 2 settings in the "Video" tab are placed on top of each other they appear to be "Disable Driver Overrides" and "Disable Aero Desktop" see attached screenshot for comparison between 1.3.5 and 1.4

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has duplicate 0008152 closed New issues over the ComboBox of Aspect Ratio (Breitenverhältnis) 
related to 0008136 closed New issues Some graphical defects in L10n 1.4 



2014-03-29 17:38

updater   ~~0020498

It's been like that for a long time.. I can confirm.


2014-04-04 14:06

administrator   ~~0020567

Please test again with 1.4 r6281 or above.

I assume it to be fixed with, but as I do not experience that issue I'd need someone to test.


2014-04-04 22:36

viewer   ~~0020576

It's good.

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