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0008067New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008067: [Request] "byPlayer" parameter to onClientGUIScroll and onClientGUIChanged

These events are fired when a memo or an editbox has changed either by the user or by guiSetText. If they were fired by user parameter "byPlayer" will say "true"

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2014-03-03 19:38

manager   ~~0020303

The root element would determine whether or not it was the player, in theory. I'll have someone else confirm that.


2014-11-13 14:25

developer   ~~0022355

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Woovie, it should be working like you saying but it doesn't work. Also there exists scrolled/theElement param which is always equal to source (??).


2014-11-13 19:35

administrator   ~~0022358

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I think that the source is the GUI root element, Woovie.


2014-11-14 06:42

viewer   ~~0022360

qaisjp, I believe it's the gui element, which was processed, but if you set the parent of the element, the events inherit the whole window tree. set 4th argument to false to disable the behavior.

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