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Summary0008052: [Request] Add the ability to define the third sound-area using setSoundMinDistance and setSoundMaxDistance

Well, it's difficult to explain.

Here is an image created by me:

If we can do this in the future, that would be great.

(e.G. for "far-away" sounds.)

Steps To Reproduce

Play sound

setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 500)
setSoundMinDistance(sound, 250)

And you will hear the sound if you stand right next to it.

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2014-02-15 22:14

viewer   ~~0020227

I don't understand what you mean by this. Explain further?


2014-02-16 13:59

viewer   ~~0020234

Well, you can define the sound maximum and the sound minimum. But you can't define the distance / action (what should happend) between the sound and the sound minimum. (Bad explanation)


2014-02-16 19:56

reporter   ~~0020236

Last edited: 2014-02-16 22:37

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The sound will play at full volume in this undefined radius between sound position and min distance, so what is the problem? If you set min distance to 0, the sound will fade out immediately from its source position and max distance.


2014-02-22 14:57

viewer   ~~0020252

Yes, but I set the min distance to 250 and the sound does not fade out if you stand right next to the sound, and that's the problem.


2014-02-23 18:57

reporter   ~~0020257

At min Distance 250 the sound will start fading out at 250 meters radius from the sound position, if you want it to fade out immediately, set the min distance to 0.


2014-03-08 12:12

viewer   ~~0020334

The sound should(!) already be faded out at 250 meters (min distance), thats the problem.


2014-03-08 20:17

administrator   ~~0020345

Perhaps we should rename setSoundMinDistance to something like setSoundBeginFadeDistance

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