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Summary0008040: [Request] List of very needed stuff related to fetchRemote

When using fetchRemote we cannot get any info about download status and progress until all data are recieved. It's very limiting.

I made a list of functions which are most needed

I assume MTA downloads using only one thread at time and other requests are waiting in queue, but I could be wrong.

  1. Allowing us to use 2 independent fetch threads will be the best idea (then we can use one for high priority small files and second one for larger data files (textures, etc)
    • Example: on my server, I download all scripts and files using fetchRemote, but when there is some player with slower connection and new map is starting, he has to download it to be able to play. But if he is actualy downloading some larger file, it will take minutes until he will start downloading the map and can play it (map is usualy only arround 20 - 100kb size)

  2. getFetchStatus ( thread ) - very needed
    • should return actual url being fetched and bytes of total data recieved
    • most important function, now we are like totally blind, no way to know if we are even fetching something and how far we are

  3. cancelFetch ( thread )
    • should cancel actualy downloaded file and erease the incomplete data
    • For example in case we don't need the data anymore
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