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0007842New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0007842: [Request] Weapons as element

Hi, i got a idea to interpretate weapons as element, if it will be possible then we can add a lot new weapons to game, set alpha to weapon, make attachment system, do everything with that. Please think about this.

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2013-10-02 00:45

viewer   ~~0019430

And what's the problem with custom weapons?


2013-10-02 01:05

reporter   ~~0019431

Because i must make own synchronization?


2013-10-05 23:02

viewer   ~~0019451

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lazy you!


2013-10-09 13:36

viewer   ~~0019478

It shouldn't be required to make your own weapon management system in order to set their alpha or so. In fact, I doubt it's even possible at the moment.

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