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0007809Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2014-06-27 19:23
ReporterCazomino05 Assigned ToCazomino05  
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Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0007809: [p] Vehicles fall through the map and lose their syncer

Parent issue for the "Vehicles falling through the map and losing their syncer" issue

Steps To Reproduce

This is caused by missing world models or missing collisions on loaded models which results in the vehicle falling through the map.

GTA:SA checks pedestrians and vehicles have not fallen through the map by comparing their z position to -100 if it's less then they are warped to the nearest path node.

When a vehicle warps to the nearest path node it's gone below -100 so we have reported a position usually around 120 units away which falls outside of the sync distance for unoccupied vehicle sync, as such the player loses sync rights to that vehicle and it looks for another player underneath the map.

Once the server has realised that no one is under the map the vehicle is now stuck with no syncer as the server position is well below the map even though the vehicle will be sat on a road where it has re-spawned client side

Additional Information

Push sync helps to mitigate this issue as you can just walk into a vehicle and it should give you sync access immediately.

the most ideal solution might be switching the streamer and sync checks to a 2D position

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2013-09-05 05:52

viewer   ~~0019283

One thing I've noticed in regards to this is that when the vehicles are streamed in once again by a client, they re-appear at crooked angles or in incorrect spots.

Take this nicely parked Greenwood for example:

After moving out of and coming back into "sync radius" thereby de-syncing and re-syncing the car, it appears in the middle of the street on a different angle:

In this case when I got close enough to sync the vehicle it literally dropped it from mid air into that position.


2013-09-05 11:05

reporter   ~~0019284

by the looks of it rotation is set to 0,0,0 for whatever reason it's probably an additional consequence of this bug anyway there are other code paths than just being moved it also destroys it in one of them


2014-06-27 19:22

reporter   ~~0021150

fixed in

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