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0007801Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2013-09-11 11:22
ReporterStifflersMom Assigned ToCazomino05  
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Target Version1.3.4Fixed in Version1.3.4 
Summary0007801: warpPedIntoVehicle can cause totally desync if another Player starts to enter the vehicle

If a Player is warped into a Vehicle, while another player is starting to enter the vehicle, this other player is totally desynced.

Steps To Reproduce

Hard to describe:
Server v1.3.4-release-5775
Client v1.3.4-release-5751

reproduceable steps for totally player desync with warpPedIntoVehicle:
You need 2 or mor players on the server.

Player A: he will be desynced later
Player B: he will be the "source" of desync.

Place a vehicle near Player A and B.
Player A is a little bit away from the vehicle but he could start to enter the Vehicle with F

Player B stands around.

Player A presses F. He walks to the vehicle.
in THIS moment, do a server side warpPedIntoVehicle for Player B on seat 0

This is what the clients see - Sight of Client Player A:
Player A suddenly stops moving.

Sight of client Player B:
Player B is on seat 0 in the vehicle.
He sees the car entering animation of player A complete.
Player A is removing player B from the vehicle (correct animation) until opening the door.
From this moment Player A shows the network trouble sign. He enters seat 0.
Player A is on seat 0 of the Vehicle.

From this moment ALL other players sees Player A with network trouble. Except new connectin players.

More on client Player A:
After he stops moving, he sees NO network trouble, he can act normally. He can change his position, but all other players sees him standing all time on the same place with network trouble (except new connected players).

If needed, or if this procedure is not clear, I can provide a complete runcode for this.

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2013-09-01 03:06

updater   ~~0019246

Last edited: 2013-09-01 03:13

This seems not the same as bug 0007778.


Sight of Player A's client after this desync:

Sight of Player B's client:


2013-09-01 03:26

reporter   ~~0019247

runcode line please


2013-09-01 03:44

reporter   ~~0019248

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should be fixed in r5778 & r5781


2013-09-01 08:35

reporter   ~~0019254

okay well it'l crash when you try and warp a ped into a vehicle without anyone in until I do another nightly but I'm working on something else so I'll post back when I merge it


2013-09-02 02:09

reporter   ~~0019261

fixed this bug and the crashes introduced final fix is r5785+

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