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Summary0007758: [Request] onClientProjectileHit


element elementHit


Triggered whenever a projectile hits an element causing it to explode.

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2013-08-08 21:57

manager   ~~0019097

Why do you need to know whether an element was hit by the projectile?

onClientExplosion x, y, z parameters can already be used to work out if any elements were at the point of explosion.


2013-08-09 01:23

viewer   ~~0019099

Last edited: 2013-08-09 01:24

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With this we would be able to determinate with certainty if a projectile hit in fact an element and did not just explode.
Plus it would help identify the actual source of the explosion on the event 'onClientExplosion' which messes up when a vehicle explodes, indicating that the explosion was caused by the vehicle/player. (which in theory is correct, but thats really not useful since what we want is what caused the damage that lead to the explosion)


2013-08-09 03:13

developer   ~~0019102

Hm.. this event has been triggered when projectile hit ground or when explode? Because if you want event for detect explode you can use onClientProjectileCreation + timer with getProjectileCounter (return 0 if projectile is going to explode) but don't working when grenades is in air so event triggered when projectile hit ground I think is needed.


2013-08-09 12:11

viewer   ~~0019108

Uhm the idea was it to be triggered only when it hits an element.

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