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0007757Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2013-08-14 10:19
ReporterJusonex Assigned ToJusonex  
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Target Version1.3.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0007757: setAccountData clips the digits after the decimal point

setAccountData(account, "abc", 0.123)
getAccountData(account, "abc") returns only 0.
MTA converts the floating point variable to an integer there (probably to save memory).

A fix would be simple, but might a fix break some scripts?
On the other hand a fix of this issue would fix some scripts à la DayZ which uses accountdatas to save the position of players, vehicles and so on.

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2013-08-08 14:27

viewer   ~~0019096

Oh, so thats why some players appear behind the walls on login.


2013-08-12 13:19

viewer   ~~0019123

try multiplying the postion by 1000 when saving and dividing by 1000 when loading?


2013-08-12 13:21

administrator   ~~0019124

Either that or using tostring is a workaround as well.


2013-08-13 16:25

administrator   ~~0019138

Fixed in

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