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0007755Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasMapspublic2015-06-27 04:01
ReporterGothem Assigned Tosbx320  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version8 
Target Version1.5Fixed in Version1.5 
Summary0007755: Pickups created in map files ignore interior argument

Pickups created in map files seems like they don't take the 'interior' attribute, and stay in interior 0 while the 'interior' attribute is set in another number.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a map file with the editor or manually
  2. Add a pickup to an interior
  3. Save the map
  4. Unload it if it's still loaded
  5. Load it
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!
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2015-06-26 15:59

manager   ~~0023435

Confirmed in map editor but it's not a map editor bug.

crun getElementInterior(getElementsByType("pickup")[1]) is returning 0 when it was saved in interior 18 and was returning 18 but after save and reload it's returning 0 even though map file saves it as 18 so the bug is in loadMapData function.


2015-06-27 04:00

administrator   ~~0023447

MTA was not reading the interior argument for pickups.

Fixed in

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