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0007657Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-03 17:13
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Summary0007657: Can't delete dyn. objects like rocks or desert trees

Like in summary, i can't delete dynamic objects like rocks ( these small one ), and desert trees.

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How to reproduce?
Use code removeWorldObject or in map editor, try to delete these objects:

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related to 0007056 closed Certain foliage cannot be removed without removing the ground 



2013-06-13 19:52

viewer   ~~0018744

Simple code to delete these objects: Here some bushes and rocks on flat hill in Bayside Marina

removeWorldModel(905, 20, -2402.84,2553.87,23.60)
removeWorldModel(905, 20, -2407.31,2558.97,23.60)
removeWorldModel(865, 20, -2456.68,2555.44,23.15)
removeWorldModel(815, 20, -2456.68,2555.44,23.15)
removeWorldModel(864, 20, -2456.68,2555.44,23.15)

removeWorldModel(865, 20, -2410.63,2557.15,23.60)
removeWorldModel(815, 20, -2410.63,2557.15,23.60)
removeWorldModel(864, 20, -2410.63,2557.15,23.60)


2013-06-13 19:54

reporter   ~~0018745

Map editor function to delete and clone world objects doesn't select few small objects :/


2013-06-13 19:58

viewer   ~~0018746

@up U can select these rocks - As i show on screenshot


2013-06-15 12:39

manager   ~~0018752

How is the rock a dynamic object?

It's not map editors fault, it's removeWorldModel that doesn't support deleting dynamic/destroyable objects.


2013-06-15 12:50

viewer   ~~0018754

Last edited: 2013-06-15 12:52

Related to my old issue, as noted you have to delete the model they 'get created' on


2013-06-15 12:53

viewer   ~~0018755

What about selecting objects that doesn't have colission?


2013-06-15 13:04

viewer   ~~0018756

Arran: this rock is a dynamic object - it can be moved and destroyed. Anyways, you're right - it's not map editor fault.


2013-06-17 01:27

reporter   ~~0018774

I think I disabled "procedural" objects these were created evenly around an area so you mark an area and the game will fill in trees, grass and rocks

I presumed at the time it'd crash but it doesn't


2013-12-25 17:26

manager   ~~0019873

Confirmed that removeWorldModel has no affect on certain objects like those rocks (ID 905)


2016-03-15 08:04

reporter   ~~0024532

They didn't put a target version?


2016-03-19 10:41

viewer   ~~0024536

Last edited: 2016-03-19 10:43

There is a workaround I used to stop, at least, procedural vegetation from generating on a surface. I simply deleted the world object where it generates on and then recreated it as a MTA object, and when I left the area and entered back in no plants were generated. In case you are wondering, to get the exact coordinates where the world object was I used MEd.


2016-03-22 14:50

reporter   ~~0024546

Well, I've been testing a memory address that I found in forums:

'0x53C159' It is an array of 5 bytes which by default they are:

E8 42 0E 0A 00

if the 5 has changed

90 90 90 90 90 (hexadecimal)

Stop created random foliage! (I've tested)

Someone who can create a patch for this?
Example: (similar to 'setInteriorFurnitureEnabled')

setFoliageEnabled(bool enabled)

him to be tried! :)


2016-03-22 16:34

reporter   ~~0024548

The ability to create that grass with MTA functions would be a nice extra feature.

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