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0007620Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-07-01 22:35
Reporterkakaksk Assigned ToCazomino05  
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OSWindowsOS Version8 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0007620: Hydra keeps loosing velocity in the air

Hydra keeps losing velocity in the air. I have used setAircraftMaxVelocity on resource start. Havent tried, if the same issue is without it. Also vehicle extrapolation setting is on. The bug appears randomly (mostly when many players are around).

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2013-05-10 22:12

manager   ~~0018555

Last edited: 2013-06-04 23:50

I've heard similar complaints from players when flying aircraft. (Not a new bug)

Maybe related: setControlState("forwards", true) works flawlessly when you're on your own but on a busy server it'll stop within seconds.

Edit: found a way to reproduce this with an Infernus. I drove around LV on busy (CIT) server, all fine. I then changed game speed to 2 and at about 5 specific points in the route my Infernus' speed would just instantly drop to 0.


2013-07-12 06:33

viewer   ~~0018905

Only happens with aircraft to me (not sure about the helicopters, since the issue happened only one time with them). Also might be related to other players shooting to the plane (or even sound functions). I have no idea which of these can affect the planes, since dont know the code.


2013-07-12 14:28

updater   ~~0018907

Happens with all types of vehicles, not just aircraft.
I think, the reason is packet loss and the way MTASA handels it.


2013-07-18 21:08

viewer   ~~0018944

Here is a video


2013-07-19 11:57

manager   ~~0018945

According to shownetstat 1 packet loss was 0.00% throughout the test and as before I was able to reproduce it when I set my game speed to 2 and drove around LV.

At 2:10 and 2:40 of this video:


2013-09-19 11:13

viewer   ~~0019353 related. Look. Its clear that its random and based on shooting. Same things happened in the previous videos of mine. And thats at speed 1x


2013-09-19 16:16

administrator   ~~0019354

Use setAircraftMaxHeight ( 9001 )


2013-09-20 15:31

viewer   ~~0019358

Can't you just try to fix this? What if I don't want to set the max height to 9001?


2014-07-01 22:35

reporter   ~~0021202

fixed in r6634 -

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