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0007413Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-01-11 11:41
ReporterIIYAMA12 Assigned ToJusonex  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi7 Quad core, 7970 ati radeonOSWindows 7 
Target Version1.3.5Fixed in Version1.3.5 
Summary0007413: Damage proof boats still take collision damage

When you use the script: setVehicleDamageProof
At the moment when you fall with a boat out of the sky on land, your vehicle still got damage.
The vehicle wont explode, but the damage is still strange.

As far I know this bug isn't reported on bugtracker, I can't find it at all.
Also onClientVehicleCollision does not seems to work for boats.
I am the only person with this problem? or is it general?

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Is this a gta or mta bug/issue?

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2013-10-05 23:16

viewer   ~~0019453

Doesn't get triggered with boats.


2013-10-08 23:05

administrator   ~~0019477

Fixed in


2013-12-29 02:35

viewer   ~~0019885

In what version will it be fixed?
(My version: Multi Theft Auto v1.3.4-release-6007.5.010)

Thank you Jusonex

Also, not sure if it have to do with the same bug.
Damage-proof boats still get damage by ramming/scratching.


2013-12-29 11:25

administrator   ~~0019886

In what version will it be fixed?
1.3.5 (If you want to try it even now, the latest 1.4 nightly would be the right choice)

Damage-proof boats still get damage by ramming/scratching.
Is there mantis entry?
My fix hooks GTA's boat damage handler routine so that it should prevent any damage (in case setVehicleDamageProof is set to true).


2013-12-30 18:51

viewer   ~~0019891

Sorry my mistake, I forget I already noted that in the main post.

Thank you very much! :D

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