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0007400Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGUIpublic2013-05-19 20:03
ReporterBrophY Assigned ToJusonex  
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Target Version1.3.3Fixed in Version1.3.3 
Summary0007400: HUD elements do not scale correctly for widescreen

Im aware this is a GTA issue, but was wondering if it could be fixed using MTA

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2012-10-19 15:45: BrophY (EUR 1)
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2012-10-19 17:06

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I hope this can help.


2012-10-22 18:34

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Last edited: 2012-10-22 18:34

Particles don't scale correctly either (look at the moon and corona markers).


2013-05-19 18:51

administrator   ~~0018585

Fixed in

I did not read/see the topic above before my commit, so if you find something that leads to problems feel free to note them down here.

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