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0007385New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-09-22 18:59
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Summary0007385: Request a way to create serverside element without creation/share/sync with clients

Add optional parameter to createElement function (bool sharedWithClients = true)
to compatibility mode.

and create function:
setElementSharedWithClients( string elementType, bool sharedWithClients)
to enable/disable this feature to an especific element.

Additional Information

it would not generate the map download, use and ease of management functions and element with low security risk in information of certain elements when necessary.

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2012-10-12 23:09

manager   ~~0017734

Why would you want an element that is server side only? It's not an element then.

"with low security risk in information of certain elements"



2012-10-12 23:11

viewer   ~~0017735

the prototype of function is:
setElementSharedWithClients( element theElement, bool syncWithClients)
, not string elementType ...


2012-10-12 23:13

manager   ~~0017736

That doesn't answer my question, why would you want an element that only exists server side?


2012-10-12 23:32

viewer   ~~0017737

Sry, the note isn't directed to you.

answering you question:

  • Because there are many functions ready for element management.
  • Not to generate download map.
  • Allowing the destruction of the only element of the Client, with the function setElementSharedWithClients, and rebuilds it again ..

A part of data security is less important because there setElementData function with parameter "bool synchronize", however the element itself is created in the Client.

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