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0007348Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2012-09-24 10:32
ReporterGothem Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows 7 
Target Version1.3.2Fixed in Version1.3.2 
Summary0007348: Rotation offset is messed up when using 'clamp' as texture edge

When you create a texture with 'clamp' edge, the rotation offset for drawing the texture is totally messed up.

Image showing the problem:

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a texture with 'clamp' edge.
  2. draw the image
  3. apply some rotation
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!

Just compare the rotations without the clamp edge and you will see.

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2012-09-23 22:45

administrator   ~~0017620

Fixed in

To bodge a fix for older clients, set the rotation twice. i.e.:
dxDrawImage( -1,-1, 0, 0, textureClamped, rot )
dxDrawImage( 400,300, 200,200, textureClamped, rot )

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