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0007289Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasMap Editorpublic2012-09-03 22:47
ReporterDre-%2b- Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.3.2Fixed in Version1.3.2 
Summary0007289: 'team' types in definition

After some mta update createElement('team') stopped work, so since edf resource don't have team as basic types when you try to create team by definition you just got error

Steps To Reproduce

Well, here is example of definition, but sure it useless
<def name="MM">
<element name="team" friendlyname="Team" description="Create team" icon="edf/team.png">
<data name="name" type="string" description="Name of team" default="TeamName" />
<data name="friendlyName" type="string" description="Friendly name of team" default="TeamName_friendly" />
<data name="color" type="color" description="The team color" default="#ff0000ff" />

    &lt;parent name=&quot;shit&quot; type=&quot;nothingshit&quot; />
    &lt;marker posZ=&quot;0.3&quot; size=&quot;4&quot; type=&quot;corona&quot; color=&quot;!color!&quot; />


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2012-09-01 22:14

manager   ~~0017426

"some mta update"

"you just got error"

Got anything more helpful than that?


2012-09-02 08:45

viewer   ~~0017429

Well, i think screenshot will explain it better than me


2012-09-02 13:46

manager   ~~0017431

What was the MTA update, was it an auto update?


2012-09-02 16:23

viewer   ~~0017432

I think yes, but it doesn't that matter.
I checked edf resource and as i understand team just should be defined as basicTypes in edf.lua


2012-09-03 01:48

administrator   ~~0017438

Fixed in

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