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0007233Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2014-09-02 22:40
ReporterTjong Assigned Tosbx320  
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Fixed in Version1.3.2 
Summary0007233: Markers created by .map-files have wrong colshapes

I made a .map file with 5 ring-markers (the ones used for flying) and noticed that the colshapes weren't only the ring but they seem like a rectangle going from the bottom way too far up (didn't test if they were even infinite).
So you can also fly 30 meters over the marker and still trigger an "onMarkerHit"-event on this ring. A workaround for this is to simply loop through all markers, clone them via cloneElement and destroy the sources afterwards, so it really only happens for markers which were directly created from the .map file

Steps To Reproduce

Create a map with a ring-marker:

<map mod="deathmatch">
<marker type="ring" posX="1475.0" posY="1530.0" posZ="20.0" rotX="0.0" rotY="0.0" color="#00FF00" rotZ="90.0" size="4.0" id="marker1" />

Add a script to notice marker hits:

addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", root,
function (element)
outputDebugString("marker hit! marker source: " .. tostring(source) .. " element: " .. tostring(element));

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2012-08-20 15:07

reporter   ~~0017338

Which gamemode are you using?


2014-09-02 22:40

administrator   ~~0021935

Fixed some time ago:

Patch in

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