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0007207New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-09-22 18:59
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Summary0007207: getPlayerFramerate client, and maybe even serverside

Of course, the first thing people will be crying is "SCRIPT IT YOUSELF N00b YOU NO GHOOT SCIRPTER!!!!!!"

Well, NO. Thats not the issue.
What I am complaining about is not the fact that you cannot measure the client side FPS - its just the fact that there is several shader scripts - and a lot of other scripts - which actually measure the framerate each.
That means there is about half a dozen scripts which have a "onClientFrameRender" ONLY because they want to measure the framerate - and thats, in my eyes, a waste of CPU.

So, the suggestion is to have a "getPlayerFramerate()" which just shows the current FPS client and maybe serverside, a function which is script-independent and can be used everywhere without wasting time each Frame just to find out 20 times in 20 different scripts and within 20 shaders what your current framerate is.

Just for the lulz: If GTA doesn't measure the framerate (directly or indirectly), how can it be there is a framelimiter?

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