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0007172New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0007172: [Request] "Compress" setElementData and triggerClientEvent/triggerServerEvent

The idea is to send integers instead of strings.
I dunno how much this actually can do, but:
Imagine you would set the client HP via setElementData, and call it "SYNC_HP".
I dunno how it is triggered or working, but, imagine instead of sending the string "sync_hp" each time it would be sending a reference ID instead.
At the first "triggering" for the specific client, it would, of course, tell that reference id first.

So the idea is:
First trigger:
Client -> Server: Triggering "sync_hp"
Server -> Client: "sync_hp" is reference 1.
Next trigger:
Client-> Server: Triggering 1

I dunno how much bandwidth this would save, or if it even would increase the speed. Its just an idea.

This would also reduce the data used for "setElementData" in maps.

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2012-07-11 11:40

manager   ~~0017028

Closest we can get to optimized is using 1-2 character long element data names and sending things as numbers rather than string numbers which is probably the biggest problem with map element data is that its using "100.000000" instead of just 100.0


2012-07-11 11:48

viewer   ~~0017029

Yes I didnt get why map editor generated such a crap code... I can reduce 2MB map to 700kb without any loose..

<object id="object (DYN_TABLE_2) (6)" doublesided="false" model="1432" interior="0" dimension="0" posX="2278" posY="73.300003051758" posZ="25.299999237061" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></object>

<object id="object (DYN_TABLE_2) (6)" model="1432" posX="2278" posY="73.300" posZ="25.299" />

100 chars saved on one line


2012-07-16 21:27

reporter   ~~0017076

Last edited: 2012-07-16 21:28

Maybe Numbers should be handled as Numbers?
Its a bit of a waste to actually sync the element data as string.


2012-07-16 21:39

viewer   ~~0017077

you could do it yourself @ trigger events
have a table like this { ['1'] = 'SYNC_HP' } in client for e.g
and when u trigger from server just trigger the '1' and have the client check it with the table


2012-07-26 18:19

reporter   ~~0017158

It would still be a string, also, the values would still be a string.
A float is like 4 times smaller than its string equivalent.

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