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0007127New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0007127: [Request] Ability to move while certain animations are set

setPedAnimation ( thePed, block, anim, time, loop, updatePosition, interruptable, freezeLastFrame )

when time > 0 (ie 100) and freezeLastFrame is true, whole animation runs, doesnt matter on specified time. Before the time (100ms) elapses you are freezed. then you can move freely (if updatePosition=true), while the animation is still runing. if loop is set to false, it freezes the last frame (as excepted) but there is no way to end this last frame! because server/client thinks animation has ended after 100ms. setElementPosition doesnt help, resetPlayerAnimation doesnt help, seting "none" animation doesnt help, ... its still freezed on last frame and the only way it ends is, when player jump or aim.


another case
when time > 0 and freezeLastFrame is false, the time is what its supposed to be (duration of animation, when expired, animation ends) - but during this, you cant move. WHY?
What has moving ability to do with animation time and freezeLastFrame? shouldn't have absolutely independent?

I suggest adding new argument "allow move" to allow player to walk/run, etc during animation. As long as its always possible with the first example mentioned above, I dont find any problem here.

Additional Information

Client + server

Animations are one of base things of on-foot MTA gameplay. when they doesnt work properly, its a big mistake and the gameplay is damaged.

The main point of writing this report is, that I (and hope not only I) need full working animation which supports movement

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2012-06-22 19:45

administrator   ~~0016882

When did this problem start?


2012-06-22 20:52

viewer   ~~0016887

Last edited: 2012-06-22 20:52

I don't know, I never was in touch with animations in MTA before
I think its ****ed up since it was made :D


2012-06-28 18:11

administrator   ~~0016901

"allow move" shouldn't be needed, it's your decision whether to disable the controls using toggleControl or not.


2013-07-17 21:20

developer   ~~0018940

What about it? Is possible to make this argument ("allow move") for setPedAnimation?

Btw. I recorded video about animations and control state mistakes..


2013-07-18 03:19

viewer   ~~0018941

Last edited: 2013-07-18 03:34

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Yes , animation knife weapon and other animations in GTA SA does not work properly


2013-07-27 04:51

developer   ~~0018991

Last edited: 2013-07-27 17:21

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I found quick hax to enable moving with freezed animation but I can't reproduce it with code.

  1. Start entering a vehicle.
  2. While you are entering to vehicle play animation.
  3. You can moving. I do not know whether it is synced.

I'm tried to reproduce it with this:
setControlState("enter_exit", true)
setPedAnimation(localPlayer, "CARRY", "crry_prtial", -1, true, true, false, false)

But don't working. I tried also with timers.. Seriously it's hard to enable moving with animations? In single player and SAMP it's working correctly.

Works only when animation is setted clientside.. :/


2013-07-27 18:38

manager   ~~0018992

So basically this is a feature request for being able to move while an animation is running? (move while carrying box for example)


2013-07-28 02:28

developer   ~~0018994

Last edited: 2013-07-28 02:31

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Would be nice. Currently I need use binds with setControlState in timer.


2013-08-02 14:27

manager   ~~0019031

Last edited: 2013-08-02 14:29

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This is actually possible, I was able to move around and have the hold item animation, do these 2 (you have to do both) and it works:

crun setPedAnimation(localPlayer, "CARRY", "crry_prtial", 0, false, true, true)

crun setPedAnimation(localPlayer, "CARRY", "crry_prtial", 0, false, true, true)

getPedAnimation(localPlayer) is returning false even when my arms are out, which is strange.


2013-08-03 15:52

developer   ~~0019041

Last edited: 2013-08-03 19:42

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It's working but I don't like this way.

  1. I can't reset animation with setPedAnimation(player).
  2. Sometimes hands bone positions are incorrect (wtf) - When I use setControlState all is fine.
  3. getPedAnimation not working, as you say.
  4. It's visible only for streamed players while animation are played (but it's not really problem because I can use onClientElementStreamIn)

Sometimes I can only run forwards with this animation. Like in old MTA bug.

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