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0006957Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasMap Editorpublic2012-04-19 10:07
ReporterChuckles Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLINUXOS VersionDebian 6 
Target Version1.3.1Fixed in Version1.3.1 
Summary0006957: Map editor not saving locations of objects

When i'm in my mapserver on a LINUX server it does not save the locations of copied/newly created objects/pickups/spawns. When i start a new map and place objects, it saves them where i want them. After the saving is done, i start editing the map again. however any action done after the save completed is not being saved upon the next save.

When copied, it moves back to the place where i copied the object. When newly created it is being removed completely.

This only happens on the linux map servers i have (all of them on the same VPS)

When running my map on my local mapserver (windows) it works without any problems although both servers have the same settings/resources/build.

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2012-03-21 20:31

viewer   ~~0016344

To add to this, deleting editor_dump does not resolve the issue.


2012-04-05 19:08

viewer   ~~0016423

Any update on this yet?

2012-04-06 19:32

viewer   ~~0016429

I am having the same issue on Debian 6. New created elements are saved properly, whereas cloned elements are saved on their parents' position. I am using latest nightly and latest editor. I could reproduce this bug on all versions of map editor.
I guess it is somehow connected to read/write permissions. MTA server is running as root. Newly created map files have chmod 644. I tried changing it to 777 and map was saved/loaded properly, but its chmod was changed back to 644. Although, it is quite tricky to make it work.


2012-04-07 00:40

reporter   ~~0016430

Same issue on Debian Squeeze (x64) with the latest server revision and resources.


2012-04-14 01:59

reporter   ~~0016456

Still waiting for a feedback or fix.


2012-04-14 19:26

administrator   ~~0016457

I'm having trouble reproducing this issue. Exact steps please.


2012-04-14 23:49

administrator   ~~0016458

Last edited: 2012-04-15 00:00

Can you please pastebin a .map file or something illustrating this.

What do you mean exactly by the "locations" are not saved. Is the position information missing from the map, or is the XML tag missing entirely? Please clarify.

Also, are cloned objects saved after this problem starts (even with incorrect positional information), or does everything break?


2012-04-15 05:54

administrator   ~~0016460

Fixed in

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