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0006876Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2012-02-14 23:12
ReporterdrifterCZ Assigned Toccw  
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Target Version1.3.1Fixed in Version1.3.1 
Summary0006876: Map files are downloading very slow

Downloading map files is very slow.
It runs about 2kb/s for me.
Other files from server downloads about 200kb/s, so its NOT caused by my connection.

Steps To Reproduce

Sometime map download fast but I don't know how to reproduce it

Additional Information

MTA:SA 1.3
When map is downloading, no informations are recieved from server, and it keeps like that for about next 10 or more seconds after map download finishes. This doesnt happen when downloading other files.

up to 9 of 10 map downloads causes this problem for me.

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2012-02-09 23:32

viewer   ~~0016009

Last edited: 2012-02-09 23:33

Sorry, with "no informations are recieved" I mean its in "lag"


2012-02-09 23:35

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2012-02-09 23:57

viewer   ~~0016011

I have found something interesting...
When server uptime is more than +- half an hour, download is fast.
And when I turn server off and on again, its slow again.


2012-02-10 00:13

administrator   ~~0016012

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Did this particular problem start in server r3834 ?


2012-02-10 02:35

viewer   ~~0016013

With r3834 it's very random.. sometimes maps download smooth and fast, sometimes it freezes at start and then it continues donwloading smooth and fast, and sometimes it just freezes and the download is slow.


2012-02-10 05:14

viewer   ~~0016014

.map files ~= client files, these files uses only server-side

server parses .map files, creates elements and so syncs this data with all clients.

"Sync data channel" always busy, that is why large sync packet downloads with random speed. While this large packet downloading, other sync data like chat messages is waiting. That is why chat is freezes while you downloading map data sync packet.

"Download data channel" is not busy in any time, that is why all client files downloads fast.


2012-02-10 05:35

viewer   ~~0016016

Server-side files download so slow, before, it was fine. Also, I experienced slower download server and client-side since 1.3 (since 1.1 to be honest, but it wasn't that important).


2012-02-10 10:29

viewer   ~~0016018

ccw: no, it like that since we updated to 1.3
but since r3834 it seems like its no more giving timedouts
Feche: exactly
MX_Master: thanx for explaining


2012-02-10 11:20

administrator   ~~0016020

diegofkda: Problems with resource downloads are a separate issue. It is vital not to confuse the two.


2012-02-10 11:24

administrator   ~~0016021

To be honest, map downloads always were flaky. The map download in 1.3 used exactly the same code as 1.0.5 (before r3834). i.e. Less than perfect net connection -> problems

Someone suggested using the web server to transfer this data, which could be worth looking at.


2012-02-10 13:34

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But external web server could not be used to transfer maps

We do use external server for http client files


2012-02-11 01:48

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When map download is fast, there is no packetloss... but when its slow there is 0.5% packetloss or higher

So it seems like server has problem with resending lost packets, maybe?


2012-02-11 18:07

administrator   ~~0016034

Try server r3845


2012-02-11 18:30

viewer   ~~0016037

Last edited: 2012-02-11 18:32

already tried, maybe faster than older 1.3 but still much worse then 1.2


2012-02-11 18:45

administrator   ~~0016040

I need to connect to your server to see what is going on. Please come to #mta


2012-02-11 19:28

viewer   ~~0016041

Last edited: 2012-02-11 19:28

I still get some little random freezes at map download, and I have some packetloss too.


2012-02-12 01:58

administrator   ~~0016048

Please try server r3846


2012-02-12 15:58

viewer   ~~0016051

Downloading at max speed.


2012-02-12 20:03

viewer   ~~0016052

ccw: Absolutelly no change


2012-02-14 04:28

administrator   ~~0016062

Last edited: 2012-02-14 04:30

Please try server r3851

Add this to mtaserver.conf:


2012-02-14 16:21

viewer   ~~0016066

Ok, I added <net_type>4</net_type>
and it downloads fast for all players (I tested it only a bit now). Seems even better than on 1.2
Thanks, nice job!


2012-02-14 18:54

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2012-02-14 21:12

reporter   ~~0016069

Confirmed, net_type 4 increases the download speed and there aren't any 2KB/s downloads anymore.


2012-02-14 21:13

administrator   ~~0016070

Fixed in

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