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Summary0006690: MTA display options relying on single player settings

I have a monitor with an odd resolution that San Andreas 1.0 doesn't support so I always have to change it to the highest acceptable one. MTA and SA-MP provide a solution to this problem but there are some issues with MTA:

  • It loads the display settings from single player.
  • It CHANGES the display settings of SINGLE PLAYER.

Wouldn't it be better if MTA had his own settings stored somewhere else not using single player files?

Steps To Reproduce

Open San Andreas, change the resolution to 800x600, save settings and close.

Open MTA, settings have changed to the ones you have just set on single player.

Change them on MTA to 640x480, save and close. Open single player again, same settings as MTA.

Additional Information

Why am I requesting this to be changed?

Because, as I said, I can't play on the highest resolution on single player so I use an alternative one. When I go to MTA (which should be using its own settings), the settings have changed (because I think it loads SP settings), I set them to the max Res (which MTA supports) and save. But as single player doesn't support that max resolution it changes it back to something ugly, like 800x***.

I hope you do understand me.

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