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0006686Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasResourcespublic2011-11-27 19:33
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Fixed in Version1.2 
Summary0006686: It is impossible to get the Hotring racer with ID 502 by typing it's name,

After looking into a server-related issue I found out that there are 2 Hotring Racers that share the same name, making it impossible to spawn one of them.

According to the wiki:
Hotring Racer 494
Hotring Racer 2 502
Hotring Racer 3 503

In reality:
-Hotring Racer 2 is actually ID 503
-There is no car called "Hotring Racer 3", this is actually a car called "hotring racer" with ID 502.

So, in conclusion: Both vehicle ID 494 and 502 are called Hotring Racer, yet when you type it's name in order to spawn it you only get ID 494. it is impossible to obtain car 502 by typing it's name.

Steps To Reproduce

type "Hotring Racer" to spawn a car
notice you only get car ID 494 and never 502.

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2011-11-27 19:32

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