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0006665Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2011-11-20 00:55
ReporterLooooP Assigned Toccw  
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Target Version1.1.1 R2Fixed in Version1.1.1 R2 
Summary0006665: Unfinished download size double when a race map is restarted

Nowadays, 90% of race maps come with music/image/script that when you finish the map download you start to download them. The problem is when you didn't finish the files download and the map get restarted. Suppose that the files size (without the map and meta files, only music/image/script) is 5MB and you already downloaded 4MB then the map get restarted; The download will double, instead of 5MB you'll have to download now 10MB, and suppose again, if you have downloaded 8MB of these 10MB and then the map get restarted, you'll have to download 15MB now.

I don't know if this bug happens in others gamemodes

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use this map:
  2. Start it
  3. Before the download finishes, restart it (/redo)
  4. You'll notice that instead of download 4,84MB you'll now have to download 9,68MB
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has duplicate 0006627 closed New issues downloading size change if player downloading and restart resource 



2011-11-19 17:53

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