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0006635Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2012-09-20 22:06
ReporterNeO_D-Power Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMicrosoft WindowsOSWindowsOS Version7 X64
Target Version1.3.2Fixed in Version1.3.2 
Summary0006635: Bikes and RC Bandit sometimes randomly bounce off the ground once their wheels touch the surface (roads, water, ground, etc)

Bikes and RC Bandit sometimes bounce off the ground once their wheels touch the surface (roads, water, ground, etc) and the force varies from time to time: from violent warping to mild sliding/dragging across the surface.

If these vehicles warp away too fast and there is a local player (or a player that you spectate) attached to that vehicle - game freezes or even crashes and the only way to exit the game is the termination of the game process (gta_sa.exe), that is why I think this belongs to "block" category.

This bug also appears to be strictly client-side and can be triggered with setElementModel or createVehicle.

Reconnecting to a server or connecting to another server does not appear to solve this problem.

Steps To Reproduce

No definite steps to reproduce - keep trying to spawn a bike or a RC Bandit multiple times; may even have to restart the game and repeat the process.
Best gamemode to observe this bug - Race with maps that have bike/RC Bandit vehicle change pickups or spawnpoints.

Additional Information

Three videos from MTA 1.1.1:

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2012-01-04 05:51

reporter   ~~0015596

Retest with at least r3636


2012-01-12 03:47

viewer   ~~0015711

Still occurring in r3644 although less often than it used to... =/


2012-01-17 13:04

reporter   ~~0015754

Possibly fixed in 1.3 r3692 if this isn't so please post feedback here


2012-05-26 13:50

manager   ~~0016698

Happens with all vehicles AFAIK and its something which happens often.


2012-05-26 21:50

reporter   ~~0016702

Last edited: 2012-05-26 22:25

sometimes able to reproduce with a lot of forwardClient().

Redirecting a player for several times seems to speed up the issue.


2012-05-26 21:56

administrator   ~~0016703

What is forwardClient() ?


2012-06-08 20:39

reporter   ~~0016784

(redirectPlayer, not forwardClient)

Also, it seems to depend on the position and rotation of the RC/bike. Sometimes it happens that, if you warp to the mainland, you can drive without a bug for a while, then suddenly (if you reach a certain spot) you will start flying again.
Especially if you break the 3000 unit boundary.


2012-06-11 23:02

reporter   ~~0016808

Now, it just happened again. And again I was able to stand still on the mainland for a while, until I tuned my acceleration a bit (original acceleration * 1.25), and suddenly it happened again. Could it be that its a wrong software pointer?


2012-06-11 23:04

updater   ~~0016809

Can you please test this with the latest nightly?


2012-06-19 16:10

reporter   ~~0016845

what he said ^


2012-06-19 19:09

updater   ~~0016846
I guess this is related.


2012-06-19 19:15

reporter   ~~0016848

na it seems unrelated could someone test this specifically because I think it's fixed, r4224 or greater.
if it's fixed thank JoeBullet
if not it's lil_Toady's fault


2012-07-05 19:10

reporter   ~~0016972

I cannot reproduce it with the latest nightly RC for now, but I'll go on trying for a while.

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