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0006589Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2012-01-24 19:44
ReporterW Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.3Fixed in Version1.3 
Summary0006589: Map download breaks often on large transfers

When downloading large maps, progress often halts, while transmission is still taking place. Looks like failing retransmission-mechanism fail.

Screencast ilustrating this issue:

Notice, that even though the map download stalled, transmission is still taking place (RX counter in background).

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load few megabytes of objects
  2. Connect to server
Additional Information

Packet dump collected during making this screencast:
Generated with: tcpdump -i usb0 -n -X -s -0 host <server-ip> -w pcap

  • This isn't related to MTA running under WINE. I can still reproduce it under real windows machine.
  • I guess this is related to packet loss/duplicate packets as I can reproduce this almost always (95% of time) on mobile cellular 3G/HSDPA connection, but very rarely on regular cable connection.
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2011-10-08 22:15

reporter   ~~0015051

Last edited: 2011-10-08 22:16

Happens to me too (Cable connection) but also with small maps.

Download broke:

After around thirty seconds I was disconnected:

MTA:SA 1.1.1 r3273
MTA:SA Server 1.1.0 r3055 (Don't be happy, also happens on servers running 1.1.1)
Race gamemode [destruction derby], as you can see


2011-10-08 22:53

viewer   ~~0015052

I can ONLY reproduce this on one server ( Full Theft Auto, where I'm one of the developers -.-). I've updated the server to the latest linux release, and am using the latest nightly. Me and ccw have talked on IRC many times trying to find solutions for this. There are currently 3 other players that also report not being about to connect.


2011-10-09 08:12

administrator   ~~0015053

Thanks for infos.
As W said, it's probably MTA handling packet loss incorrectly.

I'm working on it, but no fix yet.


2011-10-09 18:00

reporter   ~~0015059

May can help
netcdebug file (network encryption off):

netcdebug file (network encryption default) Played for a while but got disconnected after a download break:

MTA:SA Server 1.1.1 r3259
MTA:SA 1.1.1 r3273
Race gamemode (destruction derby)
ADSL 1mbps (120kb/s download | 40kb/s upload)
Siemens Gigaset 201A


2011-11-15 20:04

reporter   ~~0015238

Come on!!!


2011-11-16 18:15

viewer   ~~0015241

Workaround: limiting ingress traffic fixes the problem.

Shell script for limiting inbound traffic under modern Linux:
The same should be possible under Windows in some other way.

Maybe problem is related to packet loss, not reordering?


2011-11-23 15:14

administrator   ~~0015266

Probably fixed, retest


2011-12-05 20:55

reporter   ~~0015335

Still can reproduce (MTA:SA 1.2.0-unstable r3516)


2011-12-13 20:15

viewer   ~~0015361

same problem what i can do ..


2011-12-13 22:00

reporter   ~~0015363

^ Hope for a fix


2011-12-13 22:08

viewer   ~~0015364

Oke friend °.°


2011-12-14 09:44

viewer   ~~0015368

Guys,you can reproduce this on yours local servers? If yes,try to enable something in mtaserver.conf.Find a line and set to maximum :
Try connecting...
Anything changed? (of course server and client must be 1.2) Or maybe this line is not related to problem.


2011-12-14 12:39

reporter   ~~0015371

^ This problem doesn't happens on local servers, only on remote servers.


2011-12-17 15:37

viewer   ~~0015390

Last edited: 2011-12-17 15:37

it does work at 1.0.5 but on 1.1 idk --


2011-12-20 08:58

viewer   ~~0015432

Last edited: 2011-12-20 08:58

Looks fixed for me, I connect succesfully each time and cannot reproduce it anymore in the same circumstances that were describe in bug report.

Using MTA 1.2 release version.


2011-12-20 14:47

reporter   ~~0015440

I still can reproduce this


2011-12-20 15:03

viewer   ~~0015441

Last edited: 2011-12-20 15:07

it happens often in servers with a bunch of players like 50+ or so.
it doesn't matter the size of the download, it can break with 3 and it can break with 10.
People's download halts and after a few seconds they get disconnected saying "connection lost"
The server is un-connectable for the client for a few seconds afterwards (just as long as everybody who had this issue gets booted) and then you can connect and the download will go as planned (being a lower total player count like 30 or 35)
That's how I would describe the steps to reproduce. And it still happens in 1.2.0 stable version
edit: probably it's worth mentioning that it doesn't happen to everybody at the same time. let's say a server has 50 players. 15-20 will get this issue while the rest will not notice anything wrong


2011-12-20 19:04

viewer   ~~0015446

Last edited: 2011-12-20 19:07

I withdraw my last statement, problem persists :/
Limiting incoming bandwidth helps.

@BinSlayer I'm pretty sure you're describing some other bug, related to downloading started resource by already connected players. This is handled by completely different mechanism than downloading map (objects) on initial connection (before downloading the resources).


2011-12-22 19:46

viewer   ~~0015475

It happends a lot of times, like BinSlayer described! While you are downloading, suddenly you lost connection! I noticed also that in that time you have a very high ping (more than 5k). Fix asap!


2011-12-27 00:54

reporter   ~~0015526

Last edited: 2011-12-27 13:48

I've talked with ccw and he told me he's working on it, but doesn't know what is causing it yet (So no progress at least for now, I guess).


2011-12-27 01:15

viewer   ~~0015527

Last edited: 2011-12-27 17:25

Can still reproduce it for me. Only time I am able to get in a server with a large download is if the server has approximately 15 or 20 people in it.

After doing /shownetstat 1 in-game, I've noticed that my ping will skyrocket to around 4000 or so, and the bytes received will be constantly moving, you normally can get to around 26 or 27mb then MTA will crash.

Hope any of this info helps. Would really love to get back in game :)


2011-12-27 17:27

viewer   ~~0015538

And just remembered something that may help:

This is what my MTA was doing when 1.1 was first released with the weird networking/downloading problem. Symptoms above in my last post would say about /shownetstat 1. I know there was a client fix for that; perhaps whatever the problem was with 1.1 could be the same for 1.2? Fix the same?


2011-12-27 17:27

manager   ~~0015539

Has anyone tried converting their maps to createObject and having them client side? It isn't a fix but it should work.


2011-12-27 17:28

administrator   ~~0015540

Next time it crashes, please copy the info from the crash dialog and post it here


2011-12-27 17:33

reporter   ~~0015541

Has anyone tried converting their maps to createObject and having them client side? It isn't a fix but it should work.

Yes, it fixes the problem as the issue is only related with downloading of *.map files


2011-12-28 05:08

viewer   ~~0015547

Here's some screenshots, too long to type it all out.

First screenshot of the client attempting to download the resources:
NOTE the bytes received.

Second screenshot of the client timing out and unable to download them.
NOTE: The resource changes each time it times out. When the resource has been manually downloaded and installed, it still displays a different resource.

Any time I do have luck getting in, its because the playercount is average 20 or so. Sometimes I cannot even get in with that playercount and I end up getting what's above.


2011-12-30 03:18

manager   ~~0015563

Please, retest in the latest 1.3 nightly.


2011-12-30 04:00

manager   ~~0015564

Fixed in


2011-12-31 22:03

reporter   ~~0015569

Fixed after r3616 Update servers and clients!


2012-01-01 14:36

viewer   ~~0015573

No fixed ; /
server: r3620
client: r3626


2012-01-06 00:11

viewer   ~~0015636

i think i found what causes the bug (at least for me) because i had this bug but about one month ago my map downloads started to work fine, but here's the thing, my router closes ports after a period of time, and my ports are closed since one month ago, today i opened ports again and the bug came back.


2012-01-06 05:23

manager   ~~0015637

I can confirm that the sliding windows fix this.


2012-01-06 18:09

viewer   ~~0015649

Last edited: 2012-01-07 02:12

So tried Windowed Mode.... worked for me for about 2 or 3 times. Only on my laptop however, desktop showed the same symptoms and errors as it did before.

Laptop not working now either.


2012-01-07 03:10

manager   ~~0015657

Not windowed mode... sliding windows are a method of networking. They have been recently introduced into MTA, and not much servers support them right now. You'll have to wait until 1.3.


2012-01-07 04:06

viewer   ~~0015658

Alrighty then. :)


2012-01-08 18:46

viewer   ~~0015679

Last edited: 2012-01-09 19:46

I'm having it on 1.3 too.


Last release (Multi Theft Auto v1.3-release-3672) partially fixes the download bug with big maps. (The download has some freezes, but it completely downloads.)


2012-01-09 22:00

viewer   ~~0015684

with the rc 1.3-3673. it completed the download with big maps but the ping still going up like crazy :/


2012-01-10 17:47

viewer   ~~0015699

Last edited: 2012-01-11 13:30

You can see the freezes here:


I've just noticed something, the first time that you connect to the server and download the map, the download is fast and smooth, here is a vid:


2012-01-12 22:40

viewer   ~~0015716

this bug sucks really in 1.0.5 i didnt had it


2012-01-13 15:21

reporter   ~~0015723

I've just noticed something, the first time that you connect to the server and download the map, the download is fast and smooth, here is a vid: [^]

Exactly what I get here, the first time it finishes without any freezes, but then of the second time ahead it freezes (but still finishes, after much more time of course)


2012-01-13 21:23

administrator   ~~0015728

This issue has been resolved. Please open an new issue.


2012-01-22 12:10

viewer   ~~0015781

This bug is really annoying, when does 1.3 realease?

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