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0006578Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2011-10-09 14:08
Reporterblurryshadow1 Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.1.1 R2Fixed in Version1.1.1 R2 
Summary0006578: Colorful shapes flashing all over my screen. (enough to probably cause a siezure)

theres like a ton of shapes flashing ALL over my screen in different colors. it gets to the point where all i can see are shapes and color and nothing else.

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None, it just happens.

Additional Information

I dont know what to do, i already tried reinstalling gta and it didnt work. its still doing this everytime i get on a mta server.

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2011-10-02 14:18

administrator   ~~0015009

interesting. i got this yesterday through teamviewer when i was helping a friend out on mta via teamviewer. it looks like ur using enbseries or a mod. update ur video driver and pixel shader


2011-10-02 21:18

viewer   ~~0015013

No enb series, theres only two mods i have, one just removes some of the effects like gun smoke, tire skid marks, etc. it also remove somewhat un important textures like the water texture and traces of grass to help get more fps. Oh and ive just got a sound mod that changes all the car sounds and gun sounds.

Im pretty sure my two mods arent the problem because in the old mta my screen would never do this, and i even had more mods back then.

oh and yeah my pixel shaders and video drivers are up to date, so i really dont know whats going on...

this problem make mta nearly unplayable to me because it happens like everytime i start mta back up.


2011-10-04 20:03

administrator   ~~0015030

What did this start happening?


2011-10-05 02:55

viewer   ~~0015033

the 1st day since i downloaded mta 1.1

and the 1st day i downloaded it was a day after mta 1.1 came out.


2011-10-08 17:05

updater   ~~0015050

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