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0006469Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2018-09-20 18:28
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PlatformQ9450 | GTX 280 | 2 GB DDR3 RAMOSWindows XP Home EditionOS Version2002 SP 3
Summary0006469: Falling into water while attempting to enter a vehicle problem

If you fall in water while you attempt to enter a vehicle and then touch the ground again you'll get a short Network Trouble message followed by a warp back to where you were standing when you first pressed the enter key.

Steps To Reproduce

put a vehicle near a cliff over some water
attempt to enter it (make sure the auto route will let you fall down in the water)
swim to the closest land you can stand on

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related to 0004246 closed Vehicle entry bug in skimmer/seasparrow/leviathon etc 
related to 0006233 closed Network trouble caused by an object blocking player vehicle entry 



2014-03-14 14:43

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Confirmed in 6178

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