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0006439Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2011-11-16 12:30
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Target Version1.2Fixed in Version1.2 
Summary0006439: Created vehicle suddenly warps to far location

In 1.0.5 you select a boat and it just stays in the water as it should but in 1.1 it seems to warp very far away suddenly and if you buy it you end up in a very strange place as seen at the end of the video.

The debug message says where the vehicle is created then each 2 seconds returns its position and as you can see the new position is totally random. Watch video in high quality to see debug output.

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2011-09-08 18:45

viewer   ~~0014748

Last edited: 2011-09-08 18:49

Happens pretty often on Race servers with bike spawnpoints.
Once the wheels touch the ground, the vehicle bounces off the ground endlessly.

Problem disappears only after a reconnect.


2011-09-08 23:25

viewer   ~~0014749

Also, it seems that this problem only appears client-side and it only applies to the vehicles of the same model.

The player affected by this bug will see the vehicles of that model warping back and forth while other players might not even be aware of this problem.

This issue just happened to me once again as soon as I hit a vehicle-change pickup (which performs setElementModel).

P.S. Maybe my comments are not related to the reported issue and this could be a completely different bug?


2011-09-14 13:58

viewer   ~~0014783

Keeps happening even more often to bikes now. Really annoying on DM race-maps.
Also I am now 99% sure that it is a client-side bug.


2011-11-16 02:23

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