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0006290New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-09-22 18:59
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Summary0006290: GUI elements cannot be larger than client's resolution

Kind of bug report/feature request

GUI element's max width and height are limited by client's resolution. In normal cases it wouldn't matter as the parts outside of the screen can't be seen anyway, but for example for making custom scrolling things you might need a label longer than your current window height etc.

Steps To Reproduce

Try with this command to create anything larger than your current resolution, it will create only as large as your window.

window = guiCreateWindow(0,0,tonumber(width),tonumber(height),"",false,false)
w,h = guiGetSize(window,false)
outputChatBox("Window size: "..w.."x"..h)
rx,ry = guiGetScreenSize()
outputChatBox("Resolution: "..rx.."x"..ry)


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2011-07-29 18:28

viewer   ~~0014050

for custom thing like long texts we use dx drawing


2011-07-30 08:40

viewer   ~~0014055

You cannot do everything with dx text. For example cutting a to pieces (have a container exactly the same width but smaller size and have negative y-position on the label itself.). With dX I could only write line-by-line and it would still be loads and loads of fiddling with string functions to get the right part of text to show.


2011-07-30 10:43

viewer   ~~0014056

with dx actually you can create everything and gui elements also was made by dx drawing, but it's not a place for this discussion

i agree, it will be better if we'll can create gui elements larger than screen size

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