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0006271Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2011-07-21 21:04
Reporterdiegofkda Assigned Toccw  
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Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0006271: Engine functions not useable

I was making a Liberty City map, it was working perfect in the mtasa-1.1-unstable-2887-20110718-net41B0.exe and olders, but it doesn't work in mtasa-1.1-unstable-2888-20110720-net41B0.exe.

I don't know how to describe the error, but you will be able to see with this resource (this retextures Los Santos roads perfect in older version, but not in the latest):

By the way, I bought a new computer (4 GB RAM, 3 GB vRam, prossesor AMD Athlon 220 2.8 GHz Duo), the same thing happens with the old one and the new one.

Steps To Reproduce

Download the retexture resource, start it in 1.1-unstable-2887-20110718-net41B0 or olders, go to Los Santos, and enjoy those textures, then start it in 1.1-unstable-2888-20110720-net41B0.exe, in the second one you will get a weird crash, and in the first one will work fine if you got a +128 MB videocard.

Note that you may get problems if you have a retexture modification into your gta3.img.

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2011-07-21 04:02

viewer   ~~0014003

I have many problems with the engine functions in 1.1. Try delaying it with a timer, that tends to help me.


2011-07-21 04:48

viewer   ~~0014004

Last edited: 2011-07-21 04:48

Well, they crash when replacing the textures.

Also, I forgot to say the video card model, it's an NVIDIA GeForce GT 430.


2011-07-21 08:08

administrator   ~~0014005

LeetWoovie, please add an issue for the problem 1.1 engine functions


2011-07-21 19:23

updater   ~~0014008

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