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0006125Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-05 17:56
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Summary0006125: Can't swim fast on high FPS

It seems that swimming speed is related to your FPS, but somehow, if you have a high FPS, you swim slower. It's almost impossible to swim with 100 FPS.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Get as much high FPS, as you can (80-100).
2) Get in water.
3) Try to swim and see that you swim like a turtle..

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has duplicate 0007737 closed New issues Players with high fps swim much slower than the ones with low fps. 
has duplicate 0008656 closed New issues Swim bug with low FPS 
related to 0005696 new New Feature Requests [Request] Fit the player animation speed depending on their gamespeed 



2011-05-26 22:43

viewer   ~~0013490

this also happens in singleplayer


2011-05-27 07:00

viewer   ~~0013492


confirmed many years ago (:

Possible fix is correcting player pos while he in water and have high FPS rate. But with high FPS we also can't move to sides while aiming. Another possible fix - limit FPS at least to 70.


2011-06-23 23:36

viewer   ~~0013776

I'm also having this problem, I can't dive either.


2011-06-28 17:44

viewer   ~~0013826

i have a lua fix, but hardcoded fix will be better


2012-07-07 19:50

viewer   ~~0016991

Can you post the script fix mx_master?


2012-07-09 19:18

reporter   ~~0017010

There is a bug which is about the same.
If your FPS is "unlimited" (60 or higher) your Character doesn't react on strafe keys while you aim.
It doesn't happen with framelimiter on and is a very old bug.


2012-07-09 19:32

reporter   ~~0017011

Also related: when playing on high FPS, the siren is quite hard to enable - the on/off "button" is a short press on the horn control, and the required length seems to be FPS-dependent instead of absolute. This is also a GTA bug.


2012-07-09 19:41

reporter   ~~0017012

Last edited: 2012-07-09 19:42

There is several ways to have a physics engine in a computer game, and I suspect that GTA used the worst possible attempt to create one. I remember when the MTA team said that "they found a code which makes the game faster".
GTA has some "useless" code which only has the "job" of slowing down the game. The reason this code is there is simple:
If you have a frame limiter, or if you try to make correct physical calculations, you run through this code until a certain amount of time was wasted.
Now, I have the suspicion that this kind of programming results in exactly those bugs. After all, most CPU's today are much faster than they were when GTA:SA was poorly translated from Console to Computer. It could be that:
1) This algorithm has some weird bug that disables it to measure time correctly;
2) This algorithm has some kind of "loop delimiter" which stops the loop not only when an ammount of time has passed, but also when the game engine just decided that running this loop 10.000 times is simply enough.
This way or the other, the code that MTA removed back then (the "senseless operations to speed up the game") may have something to do with those bugs - or, in fact, the fail concept of GTA using this way to calc physics may have something to do with those bugs.

This also is the reason why all my servers have a 60 FPS limit.


2012-07-10 01:18

viewer   ~~0017017

GTA default frame limiter is capped to 25 FPS


2012-07-10 14:48

updater   ~~0017022

Last edited: 2012-09-18 10:51
GTA SA is direct port from PS2, which by 2004 had outdated hardware.
Example: a function, that deals with peds animations depending on what kind of surface they are currently standing on, checks collisions and loads sounds. You spawn many peds and game slows down or even freezes, because that function got spammed with shitloads of info, that requires some time to operate, while other functions are waiting for results from this function. To avoid such situations Rockstar used different methods like adding delays (14 ms delay between frames) and limits everywhere (number of vehicles within streaming range or number of nodes).
For about >some "useless" code which only has the "job" of slowing down the game
there is small version of SA .exe, made by Listener, who have cleaned up like 9 mb of junk (search for gta_sa_compact.exe).


2014-06-27 12:18

viewer   ~~0021143

Last edited: 2014-06-27 15:03

Fix: I have tested it, interesting. Works.


2014-06-27 12:27

manager   ~~0021144

Servers could just make a little script which sets a client side FPS limit whenever you're in the water.


2014-06-27 12:33

viewer   ~~0021145

Last edited: 2014-06-27 12:53

But if this fix would work and would be added into mta, then don't need to limit player fps when in water.


2016-08-30 12:25

viewer   ~~0025115

(I don't mean to bump this issue but it's the first Google result, and I want people to see this)

I made this resource. It is exactly what arranTuna suggests:
FPS in water=25; FPS on land=60 or 100 or whatever the current limit is set to.


2017-03-14 17:20

viewer   ~~0025712

fix water swim

You still can't swim deep into water in Z coordinate
Water has own fps bugged resistance


2018-09-05 05:08

administrator   ~~0026932

Fixed in

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