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0006048Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2015-06-28 19:22
ReporterDevan_LT Assigned ToJusonex  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.5Fixed in Version1.5 
Summary0006048: Ped weapon isn't synced on join

If you give ped a weapon before you connect to the server, the ped will be unarmed on your screen.

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has duplicate 0007896 closed New issues Ped weapon dissapears after player reconnect 



2012-06-22 05:57

administrator   ~~0016873

Last edited: 2012-06-22 06:19

3) Is fixed in
4) Is fixed in


2012-07-01 20:23

viewer   ~~0016938

3) Still occurs. It seems to be random, as two peds near me were shooting at me like for 20 seconds without inflicting any damage until bullets started coming out. It's probably another bug than the one which was fixed.


2012-07-02 16:06

viewer   ~~0016939

I tried outputting getPedTargetEnd results in onClientPedWeaponFire. Coordinates seem to become -1.#IND on some occasions. When this happens, the bullet won't appear. Not all three coordinates necessarily become indefinite. For example, X coordinate may become -1.#IND with Y and Z remaining definite.


2014-09-10 13:09

manager   ~~0021986

4 issues in 1 topic was a bad idea. Since #3 and #4 are fixed and #1 is reported in another issue I'll modify this report to only be about #2.


2014-11-17 13:56

manager   ~~0022500

sp -712, 970, 12
srun a = createPed(1, -711, 970, 12)
srun giveWeapon(a, 25, 1, true)
sp -712, 970, 12
See no weapon


2015-06-28 19:22

manager   ~~0023471

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