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0005962Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2011-11-29 05:13
ReporterSimbadDeZeeman Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.2Fixed in Version1.2 
Summary0005962: Sawnoff shotgun glitch

There is still a very big glitch with the sawnoff shotgun.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. After you shot and start reloading: switch to a different weapon and switch back and just press the shoot button. You ain't shooting, but on the remote player's screen you are.
Additional Information

Sometimes while doing this you can even shoot like 6 times in a row on the other players screen.

It looks like serious cheating. This bug should be fixed to get some more fair deathmatch fights.

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2011-03-08 12:31

reporter   ~~0013037

Its not only the sawnoff, that works for all guns.
I suspect that the receiving end "reloads" the weapon when you change it.


2011-03-08 20:00

reporter   ~~0013044

Does this relate to

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