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0005864New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0005864: [Request] Get Network Trouble as clientside event

When you get a Network trouble, the warning shield appears left to the nametag.

It would be grateful, to get this Error clientside, cause Serverside is at this Time the Trouble of course xD. I have Nametags deactivated so users can't see this warning shield and i want manually put it on screen


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2011-01-26 17:44

viewer   ~~0012768

I have reported a similar issue, a long time ago, but asking for a function clientside, not an event like yours.

IMHO, It's useful, but since mine was closed, maybe yours is going to too.


2011-01-27 21:18

viewer   ~~0012790

i said clientside cause my server has often a network trouble serverside. The reason is not clear. When he got one CPU is at 40 % max and memory only 5%. Since the users cannot see this warning shield they have to guess a network trouble till the sign appears.


2011-01-28 02:01

viewer   ~~0012796

A serverside event, would just detect the players, but you couldn't do nothing inside it, because when trouble i dont think server actions affects the player.

And clientside, since the script is already downloaded, you could do some actions.


2011-01-28 16:54

viewer   ~~0012805

That't what i mean GhOsT. but it should testable, if server isn't responding currently (Network Trouble).

maybe a DebugString with the reason of the Network Trouble can also solve this problem:
Which script created it?
Which line?
Which player does it and what exactly?


2011-01-29 01:31

viewer   ~~0012812

Yea, that's nice, a outputdebugstring or chatbox should work on the event :D.

And maybe triggering a client function you could use the client funcions.

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