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0005841Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2011-01-23 05:55
Reporterslothman Assigned Toryden  
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Product Version1.0.4 
Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0005841: arguing with peds/players using n key causes desync

in single player, if a ped insults you, you press the n button to insult them back. this is a fairly unknown feature, but it exists. certain peds are known to attack you id you talk back to them. skin 27 for example.

in mta, if a ped insults you (characterized by the ped and you both turning your heads to look at eachother) and you press n to talk back to them, if they are a particularely irratable skin, they will attack you.

this is not synced, and causes various issues such as the ped following you tring to attack you on your screen, but warping oon other payers screens.

the other thing that can happen is if you talk back to a player, the player will suddenly become possessed by the urge to attack you on your screen, but not on theirs, which again causes weird issues with sync and animations.

Additional Information

this issue can be avoided by turning off the voices to the peds/players so they dont start arguements.

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has duplicate 0004015 closed New issues Attacking ped 



2011-01-23 01:11

manager   ~~0012681

Raise your hand if you just started the single player game to argue with peds



2011-01-23 02:21

viewer   ~~0012682

I tried to reproduce and failed.

Can you tell me your steps?


2011-01-23 02:21

manager   ~~0012683

Fixed in


2011-01-23 02:29

administrator   ~~0012684

@GhOsT I can confirm its true, but just fyi: its trivial to reproduce. Some skins are more irritable than others. Skin 27 is the best candidate probably (a construction worker.. of course!)

Its pretty easy with that ped, with players its more difficult and usually requires mashing the n button.


2011-01-23 05:55

viewer   ~~0012686

Last edited: 2011-01-23 05:57

Hehe mate, i never disagree.

I was justing trying to see how was the effect :D

But nice job. (ryden)

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