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0005791Multi Theft Auto : EditorMap Editorpublic2012-08-26 21:49
ReporterJasperNL Assigned ToarranTuna  
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Target Version2.0Fixed in Version2.0 
Summary0005791: Placing peds

I'm wondering why there isn't a possibility to add a ped using the editor, the EDF files have the possibility for that but they can't be added manually.

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2011-01-15 20:47

viewer   ~~0012557

I can remember that in the first preview video of the new Map Editor there were the possiblity to add peds?


2011-01-15 20:55

viewer   ~~0012558

Put this in "editor_main/editor_main.edf" file:

<element name="ped" friendlyname="Ped">
<data name="model" type="skinID" description="ped skin model" default="0" />
<data name="position" type="coord3d" description="XYZ position" default="0,0,0" />
<data name="rotZ" type="number" description="Z rotation" default="0" />
<data name="interior" type="integer" description="GTA interior world" default="0" />
<data name="dimension" type="integer" description="MTA dimension" default="0" />

^ Taken from "edf/edf.edf file". There are another element types stored in this file like radar area or water, etc. but you can't really handle them in editor itself, I mean, for example you can't select a water (requires some scripting I guess...)


2011-05-12 16:02

developer   ~~0013386

I'm suprised that editor supports peds yet doesn't allow you to create them, or was there a reason for not including it in editor_main?

The only imperfections I noticed were:

  1. There is no ped picture
  2. When you create a ped it doesn't go to model selection, you have to click on the ped and do browse.

Unless there are other problems, I'd be willing to fix the above imperfections and add peds to editor_main.


2012-08-26 21:09

developer   ~~0017372

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