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0005763Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2011-08-08 19:06
Reporterizstas Assigned ToMr.Hankey  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.4 
Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0005763: Fix or remove "explode" argument in blowVehicle

Wiki says that there's optional argument for blowVehicle - "explode". The argument exists in code, synced in RPC, but never used (at least I didn't find)

Actually, what this argument is supposed to do? May it be removed?

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2011-01-08 13:21

viewer   ~~0012500

AFAIK it is used for making visual explosion appear.


2011-01-08 13:23

manager   ~~0012501

It blows up silenty when false and when true. When its suppost to have the visual/sound/damaging explosion.


2011-03-08 13:14

reporter   ~~0013038

Fixed in:


2011-08-05 00:54

administrator   ~~0014136

Better fix the 2nd argument.
Why? If you have 20 vehicles near each other. Use blowVehicle on 1 vehicle, and all vehicles will explode.


2011-08-06 09:08

viewer   ~~0014162

Place a few vehicles close to eachother and blow up one of them. Once with the second argument set to false, once with it set to true. You will clearly see the difference and that the second argument is needed. With the second argument set to true, it "creates" an explosion that damages anything nearby. While set to false (optional, it is false by default if not set), it doesn't damage anything but the specified vehicle itself. So please, revert it to as it used to be. Thank you.


2011-08-06 13:00

reporter   ~~0014164

c0uncil the issue was that the 2nd argument simply didn't do anything at all. The vehicle always blew up silently and thus it got removed. I don't agree with reverting this as we now have no way to make a vehicle blow up properly when using the server-side blowVehicle function.


2011-08-06 13:40

manager   ~~0014165

And with r2448 there was no way to silently explode (removing functionality of the function), at least if you want it to explode you can juse createExplosion.


2011-08-06 19:56

reporter   ~~0014171

the only question about this function would be why the default is 'true' from 1.1 on. it was used to be 'false' by default...


2011-08-06 23:31

reporter   ~~0014181

What is going on here did anyone of you actually test how the function works currently?
I've said it numerous times now: The optional paramater has no effect at all. It isn't even implemented code-wise and that was "fixed" by removing it (as the bug report suggests). The next logical step would've been to implement the "silent" argument properly but apparently it just got reverted to the old broken state...


2011-08-07 12:09

viewer   ~~0014183

MrHankey @ "I don't agree with reverting this as we now have no way to make a vehicle blow up properly when using the server-side blowVehicle function. "

So we'll use createExplosion() for the damaging effect before we use blowVehicle(), which will only visually blow it up. We do have a way for this. :P

Actually, if you remove the argument and default it to true, what we won't be able to do is blow it up without causing damage to nearby elements.

-remove the second argument indeed, but make it so when you run this function it'll blow up silently (like before) i.e second argument is always false.
-don't worry about the damage as we can use createExplosion in conjunction with blowVehicle


2011-08-07 17:24

reporter   ~~0014189

Fixed in:


2011-08-07 19:43

administrator   ~~0014191

I still don't like it, let's wait what players say.


2011-08-08 18:46

viewer   ~~0014195

confirming that the fix is good, the argument works perfectly in serverside now :)

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