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0005712Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2011-03-28 13:25
Reporterdjlobo Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.4 
Target Version1.0.5Fixed in Version1.0.5 
Summary0005712: Protocol 38 Error.

MTA:SA Server v1.0.4-release-1996
Multi Theft Auto v1.0.4-release-2147.1

The new nightly sudently made all the player from my server (at least the ones who confirmed that they installed it) crash from the server with something that said:
"Protocol 38 ( if this persists contact blah blah blah)"

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Just playing.

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2010-12-26 19:44

viewer   ~~0012361

something i forgot to mention, it happened to around 50 players at exactly same time. most of them (the ones who answered my question) said that it was the lastest nightly.


2010-12-27 19:56

developer   ~~0012370

Protocol error 38 is related to pickups. This error will be thrown if the client can't read the pickup create packet from the server. (CPacketHandler::Packet_EntityAdd; CPacketHandler.cpp: 2448)

It might be a good idea to see if upgrading the server to the latest version helps.


2010-12-27 19:58

administrator   ~~0012371

It looks like it could happen if the pickup has some sort of errored Z value


2010-12-28 22:26

viewer   ~~0012378

the most weird is that im using this server version for a considerable amount of time (like almost a month or even more) and i never had this problem or either my players, just after the last nightly client, i will tomorrow upgrade the server and see if this still happens.


2010-12-28 22:55

viewer   ~~0012379

Upgraded to lastest server nightly, soon i will be able to teel if this still happen or not.


2010-12-29 12:11

administrator   ~~0012383

Fixed in

( Use server from )

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