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0005696New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-07-22 01:58
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Summary0005696: [Request] Fit the player animation speed depending on their gamespeed

Players with different gamespeed sometimes look crappy.
Fixing that by using the "animation speed" ryden found should be possible and wouldn't take much time.
If this issue cannot be fixed like, please insert a "setPedAnimationSpeed" client side and server side, so scripters can solve that problem themselves.

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2010-12-21 15:07

reporter   ~~0012329

By the way, when you're spectating someone in race and a client script change his game speed to, example 0.5 he shows damn laggy to you, I think it should be syncronized. An other thing is sync nitro, an example is the nitro isn't activated for me, but for other player is, the unsync can be result in a mistake ban (The admin can think the spectated player is using Speed Hack), the unsync of nitro happens in mainly times when the spectator has more ping than the spectated player

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