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0005381Multi Theft Auto : EditorMap Editorpublic2018-09-21 18:38
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Summary0005381: Map Editor: Elements cannot be created without position and rotation data

edf elements that do not have position or rotation data nodes are still output with position and rotation values when the map is saved

i haven't noticed this causing any problems with the editor itself, but it does make the map files look untidy/confusing

Steps To Reproduce

start the editor and load the ctf edf
create a 'team' element and output the map
the team has no physical representation in the map but is still output with position and rotation

Additional Information

<element name="team" friendlyname="Team" instructions="Create a team. Each team can have flag(s) associated to it" icon="edf/team.png">
<data name="name" type="string" instructions="The name of the team" default="team" />
<data name="color" type="color" instructions="The team color" default="#ffffffff" />

<map edf:definitions="ctf">
<team id="team (1)" name="team" color="#FFFFFFFF" posX="2464.5900878906" posY="-1673.0444335938" posZ="12.988161087036" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0" />

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child of 0002949 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Map editor issues 



2011-07-28 21:02

developer   ~~0014041

I tried two ways to fix this. The first way involved having a table of element types like "team" that shouldn't have their position saved but this table doesn't take into account any non official resources which use EDF and could cause conflicts if other resources share EDF names.

The second way didn't even remove the data, only made it 0 so it didn't look too messy but even this caused a problem in map editor. The severity of this issue is so trivial that any time spent trying to fix it is wasted time.

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