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0005336Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasOptionalpublic2010-05-31 11:50
ReporterPhatLooser Assigned Toccw  
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Target Version1.0.4Fixed in Version1.0.4 
Summary0005336: Create possibility to switch off the anticheat

Since there is some servers where cheating is allowed, please give the server owners the possibility to switch off the anticheat.

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2010-05-16 01:33

administrator   ~~0011475

Arguable - 'cheating' should be facilitated by means of script.


2010-05-16 01:35

reporter   ~~0011477

Last edited: 2010-05-16 01:37

While I have "ethical objections" against any kind of cheating, it is undeniably better that some cheaters (no, they're not likely to settle for scripted cheats) can do their thing in some place where they don't bother honest players and server admins.

Also, since the MTA anticheat has a long history of assorted malfunctions, maybe a killswitch could come in handy anyway... And if someone scripts an anticheat and wants that to "take over" without any hard-coded interference, this would be useful in yet another way.


2010-05-16 16:55

administrator   ~~0011479

I still think that MTA shouldnt be relying on external applications to be running for any reason, especially when most of the cheats can be facilitated by script for players to use.

However, i do agree about a possible need for a killswitch, that alone may justify this addition. It shouldn't be a hard add either.


2010-05-31 11:50

administrator   ~~0011524

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