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0005244Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2010-03-20 21:18
Reporter[M2S]moe Assigned ToFlobu  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version2003 server 
Target Version1.0.4Fixed in Version1.0.4 
Summary0005244: vehicle change pickup loads default vehicle models instead of custom models randomly

When passing on a vehicle change pickup which gives you a vehicle for which you've loaded a custom model, the custom model seldom gets loaded, and often the default SA model is loaded instead.

Steps To Reproduce

Mod a vehicle with custom TXD/DFF, then pass on a vehicle change pickup for that vehicle model. This is very random, so make sure to try different maps/pickup locations/vehicle models.

Additional Information

Sometimes it happens for just one player, sometimes for all of them, sometimes it works perfectly for everybody.

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2010-03-17 20:27

administrator   ~~0011193

Probably means setElementModel doesn't load custom models reliably for vehicles.


2010-03-17 22:11

viewer   ~~0011194

Yep that was also my initial thought


2010-03-19 21:24

viewer   ~~0011204

Last edited: 2010-03-19 22:06

After further testing, it seems that this bug happens more often for certain models than others (dependent on the MODDED model, not the vehicle ID)

edit: I confirm that this bug happens when using setElementModel, randomly.

edit2: I also noticed (thx to jenksta) that if I spawn a vehicle with a custom model, then another random vehicle on which I use setElementModel using the vehicle ID of the first vehicle (modded), setElementModel will work perfectly every time.


2010-03-20 15:09

updater   ~~0011206

it seems that the models aren't loaded by using setElementModel


2010-03-20 16:23

viewer   ~~0011207

Jenksta fixed this, he just needs someone to help him commit the fix, so you can consider this issue fixed.


2010-03-20 16:36

updater   ~~0011208

the patch from JeNkStA


2010-03-20 21:18

administrator   ~~0011210

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