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0005216New issuesClientpublic2010-03-12 19:16
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Summary0005216: players can kill each other from different dimensions

when two players are in two different dimensions, they can still kill each other. at least by explosion. i haven't tried with fire or bullits yet. and i don't know if you can also make vehicles crash when they're in two different dimensions. but maybe a developer wants to try...

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duplicate of 0005146 resolvedCazomino05 Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Explosions show in all dimensions 



2010-02-23 23:18

administrator   ~~0011081

In other words, a more accurate bug report would be "explosions are dimensionless" ?


2010-02-23 23:24

viewer   ~~0011082

maybe. but as i don't know if you can also blow cars in different dimensions, i just chose this title...

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