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0005214Multi Theft Auto : EditorGeneralpublic2010-03-18 14:13
Reporterecoxp Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.0Fixed in Version2.0 
Summary0005214: Random bug causing Map Editor to delete huge ammounts of your objects in a map

If you /restart editor after a dialog froze, Editor will remove hundreds of your objects in your map, and will modify your meta file.

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This is random, althought it happened two times, one pushing the button Test, the editor froze (not my PC nor MTA) then I /restart editor and it caused the fatal deletion

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2010-02-22 19:26

updater   ~~0011077

did you save the map before the freeze?
without the map backup there were no objects after restarting editor
you can set the time between the backups in the options or in the settings


2010-02-22 19:28

viewer   ~~0011078

Sometimes if you restart the editor, you're not put in the dimension 200, so you don't see any objects but they're here


2010-02-22 19:31

viewer   ~~0011079

I'll just add that this happened while editing race maps, and without any crash/freeze whatsoever.
After some time editing and saving maps, the message '<Player> has saved the map.' stopped appearing, and subsequent map loads resulted in an empty object browser.
When I checked the .map files, the last edited maps had lines such as:
<object />
<racepickup />


2010-02-23 22:59

viewer   ~~0011080

No, map backups does nothing. The bug, as I found now, occurs when commonly when I "Save as..." the map in a backup file, then I am going to re save it in the normal map, when I click OK, editor freezes, if I reconnect, when you save the map nothing appears, if you goto Save as... same happens again.

In that process, a lot of objects were removed.

It seems that must be relationed with resourcehooks.lua, as the server states a error.


2010-03-08 11:49

viewer   ~~0011133

The debug window will show a message saying that it cannot index a false value, in editor_main\resourcehooks.lua line 50


2010-03-08 11:56

administrator   ~~0011134

Last edited: 2010-03-08 12:59

Could this be the server running out of ID's ?
The editor has many xml file operations that are not cleaned up with an xmlUnloadFile()

Edit: I've just updated the editor and put in the missing xmlUnloadFile()s


2010-03-13 21:21

viewer   ~~0011157

The change made on r548 seems to have fixed this problem; I've been able to open, edit and save more than 150 maps in a row, and no data loss was detected.

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