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0005207Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2012-03-16 10:58
ReporterFlobu Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.3Fixed in Version1.3 
Summary0005207: onVehicleDamage is triggered by fixVehicle with a positive value as loss parameter

in debug it only happens on first time using it

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has duplicate 0005540 closed New issues onVehicleDamage is called with fixVehicle 



2010-05-12 20:12

administrator   ~~0011456

A little bit debugging..

Just hitting something..
Old Health: 1000.244263, new health: 971.428589, diff: 28.815674
Old Health: 971.428589, new health: 969.963379, diff: 1.465210

And now using fixVehicle():
Old Health: 1000.000000, new health: 969.963379, diff: 30.036621


2010-05-12 20:14

updater   ~~0011457

yeah i found this out too but not why


2010-05-12 20:16

administrator   ~~0011458

Well, fixVehicle is calling CVehicle::SetHealth(1000).

And the Vehicle Sync packet is calling CVehicle::GetHealth, which was set to 1000.


2010-05-12 20:18

updater   ~~0011459

hm ok
so the problem is that fixVehicle didn't set the real health of the vehicle


2010-12-21 19:36

developer   ~~0012337

Unable to reproduce, is this bug still present?


2010-12-21 19:43

manager   ~~0012338

Not triggering for me either (1.0.4 2106)


2010-12-22 20:40

viewer   ~~0012346

Still present. Can reproduce it some times.


2011-01-11 13:14

manager   ~~0012529

And what was the server version? As i've been trying in 1.1 and cant reproduce it with fix vehicle, however I found something a bit odd with onVehicleDamage:

Arran executed command: addEventHandler("onVehicleDamage", root, function(loss) outputChatBox(loss) end)
Command results: true [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 905)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 906)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 907)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 950)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 998)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 999)
Command results: false [boolean]
Arran executed command: setElementHealth(root, 1000)
Command results: false [boolean]

Note that it starts at 906 (bit random) and ends at 999.


2011-04-17 18:36

administrator   ~~0013199

Seems to me that this is as a result of floating point innaccuracies in bandwidth optimizations. Might be worth neglecting loss values <1.

That said, i can get real positive values with fixVehicle easily by crashing the car then using 'repair'. It doesn't always work, but if you do it immediately after crashing it normally does happen.


2011-06-18 00:33

reporter   ~~0013696

I can't reproduce this any more on the latest build I've tried debug and release

I can reproduce arranTuna's bug but that's to do with bandwidth inaccuracies and when it's producing differences of 30 odd I doubt that's the case.


2011-08-12 18:45

administrator   ~~0014241

Please retest!


2011-12-05 13:00

reporter   ~~0015332

Can't reproduce it too (MTA:SA 1.1.1 r3505)

Cazomino05: I can reproduce arranTuna's bug but that's to do with bandwidth inaccuracies and when it's producing differences of 30 odd I doubt that's the case.

I can reproduce too, may it's also causing problems with clonated objects in Map Editor (e.g. If you clonate an object with 90/180/360 [and many others] rotation [Doesn't matter if rotX, Y or Z] it will turn to 179.999666...)

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