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0005178Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2010-02-25 21:36
ReporterLeetWoovie Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Target Version1.0.4Fixed in Version1.0.4 
Summary0005178: Dual Monitors Delivers Dialog For Resolutions

This problem has to do with dual monitors specifically. I don't know WHAT produces this dialog ( GTA or MTA ) but it causes problems. As you'll see from this picture, I have a few resolutions shown. The list doesn't have enough resolutions, only listing 4:3s and 16:10s. I think it has 1 or 2 16:9s, but it needs more, like 1366x768. This dialog always controls the resolution, no matter the settings in single player or the settings in MTA.

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2010-01-16 13:05

viewer   ~~0010969

Another note: Dual screens doesn't allow for alt tab. The game doesn't become minimized, but it does go to a different application.


2010-01-16 15:14

reporter   ~~0010970

In MTA Main Menu -> Settings -> Video there's a checkbox "Alt-tab minimize" or something. Did you try enabling/disabling that? (for your second issue)


2010-01-16 20:12

viewer   ~~0010971

Ah that worked. Thanks a bunch!


2010-01-24 22:15

updater   ~~0011001

This should be resolved soon, lean (who found the address for 16:9s resolutions) has also found what needs to be done to make 16:9 resolutions be listed in the dialog


2010-02-11 12:33

administrator   ~~0011058

15:16:41 [@lean] 2 more nops at 0x007459E1


2010-02-24 19:53

viewer   ~~0011085

hey, i like this dialog, dont remove it, make it an option maybe? :)


2010-02-25 21:36

administrator   ~~0011090

Fixed as of 1.0.4-untested-16 with

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